The conduit valve is known as the isolating valve that is designed to shut off the flowing matter completely. They can tolerate temperatures up to 200 degrees. The mai0n purpose of the gate valve is regulating and throttling liquid substances. Many manufacturers guarantee the tightness of the valves. The Dhananjay Choudhary and Camtech Manufacturing FZCO produce reliable conduit valves. The gate valves have full bore equal to piping that has high flow resistance. These valves are highly suitable for the long pipeline. For many of the major pipelines, the conduit gate valve is used.

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The working medium

  • Water –the conduit valves are reliable for the water treatment system and other water-related important operations.
  • Non-corrosive liquids– nontoxic liquids that are not corrosive can flow through the conduit valve.
  • Petroleum and other petroleum substances.
  • Gas – non toxic gaseous substances.


The conduit gate valve is named after the gate that closes in a plane perpendicular way. If the flow is of high velocity, there is a possibility of vibrating, opening of the disk, rubbing of the disk, and damage to the valve. The responding of the gate valve is slow that may need numerous manual handling of opening and closing. The disk of the valve is highly flexible. Gate valve is primarily designed for a non-corrosive chemical whose pressure is low, but the valve can handle the high temperature. The conduit is very useful for upstream oil and gas industries and is also used in marine environments.

A conduit valve which has full bore prevents any solids from entering the valve. They have a two-plate or solid plate that completely isolates any form of fluid. Let’s see some of the conduit vales and their complex designs.

The conduit valves are designed with the API 6D.

  • Cast welded

The valve is designed with a body that is made of castings.

  • Welded design

The body of this gate valve is made up of wrought semi-finished materials.

The body parts and the bonnet are connecting to the flanged joint. The obturator can be fixed in the upper or on the lower part as per the customer’s choice. In the seat, there is a metal to metal and a soft ring for the perfect close. The seat is designed in a way that it depressurizes and eliminates increased pressure from the body. The stem has a special feature that is self-sealing called O-rings.

The accessories needed for operation

  • The manual gear
  • The electric actuator
  • Pneumatic actuator
  • The stem that is to be connected with the actuator.

Benefits of conduit gate valve

  • The specially designed seat of the valve provides full guaranteed tightness.
  • The flow resistance is low that can help in handling pressures.
  • No risk of liquid trapping in the body.
  • There is a permanent contact of seats with the seating surface.
  • The top-notch design allows refurbishment without any removal from the piping system.

Conduit gate valves are highly useful in residential as well as industrial purposes. The above mechanism of the valve and its other important functionality will be helpful for many customers.